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Zanzibar beach holiday

Zanzibar Island, also called Spice Island or Sultan Island, is a paradise where over 30 shinny beaches with white sand and deep blue water waits for us. And cities like Stone Town that takes us to be part of an old adventure movie. Zanzibar is an archipelago located on the east African coast, belongs to Tanzania and has numerous islands. The biggest ones are Unguja, also known as Zanzibar and Pemba. Besides these two main islands, there are several islands and islets forming the archipelago with an extraordinary beauty, like Mafia Island.

Unguja is located on the Indic Ocean around 40 Km. to the east of Bagamoyo, continental Tanzania. The hilly island is around 85 Km. long and between 20 and 30 km. wide. Most of the population works on agriculture over the fertile regions on the northern and western areas of the island.

The eastern area of the island is arid and covered by coral reefs, with paradise beaches of white sands surrounded of reefs, is an ideal place for scuba divers and snorkel lovers. Is a must to go around the little villages of this island, where you will find a perfect mixture of African, Asian and Tribal culture. Its paradise beaches are full of palm, coconut, banana, and mango trees as pepper and cloves plantation

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